Linnaean Street

We were contacted by an amazing couple who needed some help finishing out the design of their two bedroom, one bathroom pre-war condo. He is a scholar, she is an artist and while they
Avon Hill

This lovely Cambridge home in a neighborhood full of historic homes is owned by a young couple who are both professors at a local university. While they both have amazing taste, they needed help pulling
Vaughn Street

A referral from a past client of ours, this young family was a transplant to Maine by way of Boston and NYC. She had visited another home we had completed and fell in love with the aesthetic
Lee Street
Lee Street is the four bedroom, three bathroom home of a bustling young family with two young children. When we began working with the client several years ago, they were newly married and had just moved into
Little John Island
When we were brought onto this project we could not have imaged the amazing relationships we would form with everyone involved. From the young family who decided they needed a vacation home to fit their