Il Menu

At Barolo, you will experience authentic Italian cuisine. Our menu celebrates the Piedmontese tradition with a focus on traditionally inspired recipes from Italy’s Northwestern region. Dishes from other parts of Italy, such as the Northern and Southern regions, are served as well.

With our seasonal menu, we guarantee the freshest and highest quality ingredients in each and every dish, each and every day. Our very own Chef Giuseppe Castellano has sought out only the finest products, right down to the flour in our pasta. Whether it means importing cheeses from Italy or picking up fresh produce from the local market, you can be sure that every component has been treated with care; which is something you can even taste in our dishes.

Each and every wine in our wine list is carefully hand-selected by our sommelier. With an extensive list and wide range of prices, our trained staff will be delighted to help you make the perfect marriage of your wine and dish choices.

Chef Castellano is an Italian immigrant from Naples who learned to cook at a very young age. Emulating the tried and true family recipes he grew up with but with a contemporary twist, he brings the flavors of Italy right to your plate each night from our kitchen. An accomplished Chef, he has received numerous awards and accolades over the years from sources such as: Ospitalita Italiana, Martha Stewart, Zagat, The New York Times, and many more.

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